Irish Examiner - Book review: Fascinating insight into the life of someone who cares about humanity

"This beautifully produced book was designed by Connemara-based Vincent Murphy, originally from Cork city."

"Spirorbis is a memoir in episodic form, its subtitle Stories from My Life, and what an interesting life Peter Vine has had. He has worked in over 30 countries in a variety of careers; carrying out scientific research as a marine biologist, teaching, fish-farming, publishing, filmmaking, writing, diving.

And the title? Spirorbids are tiny spiral tube worms living in almost every coastal marine habitat; studying their biology and zoogeography gave Peter Vine the opportunity to travel and experience the adventures he describes. A new genus of spirorbids was even named after him, Vinearia.

He was born in Swansea but grew up on Merseyside, where his parents ran a small hotel. From childhood he was a risk-taker, recounting how on his eighth birthday he jumped off the top diving board in his local baths to prove he could swim. His father had promised him and his two siblings that he’d get them a dinghy once they could all swim, and actually built them their first one. He writes “My love of sailing was an introduction to an ever-expanding world of adventure” which included being the youngest member of the Observer Lough Ness Monster Expedition while still a schoolboy."

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